Hey, I'm Anser

I'm a software developer in Toronto with experience in full-stack development. I like spicy food, high fantasy, and running outdoors.


TypeScript, Python, Node.js, React, MySQL, AWS

Cookwise is an application designed to convert YouTube cooking videos into detailed and customizable recipes. Users can extract recipes from various videos and further personalize them utilizing an integrated GPT-powered AI chatbot. The application focuses on technical integration and user interaction, employing a range of libraries, SDKs and cloud services to ensure a seamless experience.


JavaScript, Google Maps JavaScript API, HTML, CSS

Runroute is a route planner for at-home runners. The route begins and ends at your given address, and nearby parks can be added as waypoints on your journey. Runroute uses Google Maps Javascript API, Directions API, Places API, Geolocation API.

Portfolio Website

Node.js, React, Gatsby, HTML, CSS

My online portfolio, which displays my latest projects and contact information.

Digital Cupboard

TypeScript, NestJS, Node.js, Express, React, MySQL

Digital Cupboard takes every ingredient mentioned in a YouTube video (using the autogenerated captions) and adds those ingredients to the online shopping cart of your convenience. It's easy - enter the URL of the cooking video, review your cart, and submit your order through your local grocery store's app/website.